About Us

RCW is a boutique public relations agency that exposes fashion and lifestyle brands to the world. RCW brings our clients and their products and services to editors, retailers, consumers and the press. Collaboration with in-house contacts from east to west coast allows RCW to provide additional services that give our clients solid market exposure. RCW’s goal is to increase brand perception and profitability. Whether you need a personal publicist, showroom services, help launching a business, brand or service, or simply planning an event, RCW is here to connect brand and audiences to all things Red Carpet Worthy.


closeup1ACasandra Walker


It is very rare to find an individual who encompasses a mind for business opportunity and the gift of artistic innovation. Casandra Marie Walker, President and Founder of RCW Media Group, is just this kind of person. Having mastered the art of Public Relations and strategic new business development in key markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Houston’s entertainment industry, she brings a national perspective to what is trending in all lifestyle brands.

Passionate and result driven, Casandra’s acumen for new business development, branding, event planning, public relations, networking and fashion led her to cultivate a national network numbering over 2000 key connections with industry influencers, stylists, celebrities and top tier media relationships. An innovative strategist, while serving as Business Development Director to designer David Hall Hodges in New York she was able to increase brand recognition and market share by 80% through strategic A-List celebrity product placement and market driven business plans.

As a previous owner of a nationally recognized luxury fashion boutique and frequent on air style consultant, Casandra is experienced in discovering new brands and making them accessible. Her innate creativity and targeted product placement led to a diverse range of stylist clients from E! Entertainment, Friends, American Idol (UK), Port Charles and General Hospital.

Casandra’s inexhaustible energy extends to Charity fundraising and previous positions on the Board of Directors at The Art Institute, the Fashion Group International and the Galleria Chamber of Commerce. But it is her love of LA’s entertainment industry that has led to her most ambitious and successful undertaking to date, the launch of RCW Media Group. Whether it’s re-positioning a luxury brand, launching a new product, finding sponsors, creating marketing campaigns or providing PR services Casandra’s innovative and effective messaging is always beyond extraordinary. Representing all things Red Carpet Worthy is not just a passion, it’s a lifestyle.


IMG_7624 copyShelby Stewart 

Junior Account Manager

Shelby is finishing up her last semester at California State University Northridge majoring in Media Management. Originally from Sacramento, California, she moved to Los Angeles for college and has since decided to stay rooted in LA after falling in love with the city. Shelby is a great asset to our team with her graphic design and marketing skills she acquired while being the Public Relations Chair for Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating, a peer mentor group at her University, and while holding positions in her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. When she is not working with us at RCW, you can usually find Shelby at the gym, watching sports or taking her adorable English Bulldog, Hulk, for walks.  She is ready to help make the world “Red Carpet Worthy”!



Mitchell “Royèl” Abbott

Digital Influencer

Meet Mitchell “Royèl” Abbott, a multi-talented social media personality, publicist and performance artist. Royèl has his finger on the pulse of today’s Millennial culture. Royèl’s 400,000 twitter followers are routinely treated to a plethora of uplifting and inspirational quotes, which help them to stay strong during tough times, while focusing on positive self-affirmations in order to achieve their life goals. Royèl speaks the language of today’s Millennials and is in a unique position to get through to the modern Millennial in a way in which others often struggle.

Royèl aspires to represent the shift in how Millennials live their lives in this day-and-age. He notes that in the past, individuals created small clubs and networking groups; these days, Millennials are creating and leading networks and clubs with hundreds of thousands in virtual attendance.

Royèl understands this shift better than anyone and he’s determined to help others build upon their own platform.

“Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison,” Royèl communicated in a recent tweet. In another post, he encouraged his tween fan base to embrace reality and focus on working hard in the present moment, saying: “Tomorrow never comes. Remember that. Do what you have to do in this moment — even if it’s not the perfect ‘moment.’” Another of Royèl’s many poignant tweets, declared: “It’s not about having time. It’s about creating time.”

His twitter tagline reads, “place the crown on your head.” It’s a fitting piece of advice from a man whose stage name conjures up images of ‘royalty.’ But make no mistake: Mitchell Royèl is not some high-throned snob. He’s a down-to-earth, hard-working individual who hundreds of thousands around the world genuinely relate to and admire.